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History of western political thought 6 credits This course serves as an introduction and survey of the major currents of western political thought. Governments are formed and led by the largest winning party in elections, and it is customary for the party to reserve some political power to the defeated and small parties in order to secure a safe transition as well as allowing changes of policy orientations.

Another remarkable case is the rise of Eurosceptic parties in Europe over the past few years, which have effectively forced large parties to reflect the problems caused by European integration.

This double-checking mechanism thus increase the accountability. But the ability of attaining strong leadership in two- party systems highly depends on whether both the legislative and executive branches are in hands of one particular political party. Active class participation is required.

Why do we need the state. They safeguard the liberal foundations of the society such as freedom of speech and right to own property, also fight for the interests of the general public and work to find the optimal point. Topics include the nature of classical Confucian political thought, the developments of the Confucian traditions in response to local political changes and to the challenges presented by western liberalism, the contemporary discourse on Confucianism and human rights, freedom, and democracy, and other related issues.

The main objective of the course is to explore the interface between the study of Politics and Law in understanding governance.

The internship includes meeting individually with the supervisor, reading relevant materials, assisting in an ongoing empirical research project, and writing an internship report.

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Political consequences of one-party, two-party and multi-party systems 3. This course will examine the dynamics and patterns of political participation in both democratic and non-democratic societies. For instance, trade unions workers in UK united to form the Labour Party to counter the domination of the richer Conservative Party Tories.

Students who have taken CCCH are not allowed to take this course. Human security in the global context 6 credits What is Human Security. Special topics in international relations: Reference is made to the experiences in various public or non-profit organizations in Hong Kong.

Governance and law 6 credits This course seeks to understand why the state regulates certain activities and behaviour in society, what different forms of regulation exist, when and what kind of legal regulation is deemed necessary, how legal regulation is enforced, and checks balances against abuse in enforcement.

Students will gain an overview of both issues and practices related to the public administration. Contrary to this belief, some policies have only served as tools to strengthen political and economic power of certain groups or countries at the expense of others.

This course provides an introduction to three major theoretical approaches to war realism, pacifism, just war theory and explores, in more detail, the three branches of contemporary just war theory: Through addressing these questions this course provides students with a broad introduction to the major concepts and thinkers associated with western political theory — concepts such as authority, democracy, liberty, rights, justice and property, and thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau and Mill.

Productive value of collective bargaining Apart from putting the democratic theories into practice, political parties also make the democratic machine useful and productive in the sense that they facilitate collective political bargaining and compromise such that the interests of citizens could be effectively balanced.

Part III will focus on several key issues in regional development and cooperation in the South China region, including intergovernmental cooperation mechanisms, economic and technological development, demographic flows, boundary control, transportation and infra-structural development, as well as environmental management.

A decision making simulation game will be used to help apply and understand the various models. Students will then have the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a critical evaluation of some of the major international policy decisions made by the U. One example is that presidential candidates in the United States are required to go through popular primary elections of their own party before competing with the other party.

The main objective of the course is to explore the interface between the study of Politics and Law in understanding governance. What are the different political consequences of one party system, two-party system and multi- party system.

How to justify it?. Transcript of POLI - Making Sense of Politics.

Major - Politics

Factors affecting democratization. Factors alone can each promote, retard, or obstruct democratization, depending on how, when, and where they are played out.

Each factor affects another in a complicated algorithm. May 05,  · POLI Topic - Words POLI (2B) Making Sense of Politics Suggested Essay Topics Note: You are encouraged to develop your own topic loosely relating to any topics in the course.

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Major - Politics Year 1 topics POLI An Introduction to Democracy and Government ( units) plus units from the year 1 topics listed below INTR International Relations: An Introduction ( units) POLI Introduction to Political Ideas and Public Policy ( units) Year 2 topics.

Select 1 topic from the year 2 Group A topics. Topic 5_(2)_Hague, Rod and Martin Harrop. Comparative Government and Politics An Introduction.

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